preventing you from making money online

2 Things Holding You Back from Making Money Online


2 Things That Are Holding You Back From Making Money Online

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There are really only two things that hold people back from making money online. The weird thing about making money online is that getting to that first $1,000 a month level is by far the hardest.

Once you’ve figured that out, making your monthly income go up is a lot easier. The reason is, if you’re making a grand each month, you’ve got some sort of system in place that’s bringing it in… then, you just figure out how to get more traffic into that system.preventing you from making money online

So, back to the two things that are holding you back. The two things are not having a specific plan and consistent action. I’ll get into more detail on these in a minute…

Making Money Online vs. Spending Money Online

Probably the most common cycle that someone who wants to learn how to make money online goes through would be to buy a product, get really excited about it, buy a domain name or two, and then try it for a few weeks. Then, they don’t really see results from it and they buy another product. That obviously is the opposite of making money online… that’s called spending money online.
What most people are doing whether they realize it or not, is looking for something magic… a quick fix that will instantly make them a lot of money. Unless you get extremely lucky some type of CPA offer, that does not exist. I’ll say that again… There is no secret to making money online, there is nothing magic that the guys at the top have figured out… They have simply taken models that you already know, and they have made them work, and scaled them to the level that they’re at. That’s all.

There are definitely some products and services that can help you do things faster and more effectively, but for the most part, making money online is simply a matter of content, traffic, and conversion.

A Specific Plan

Making a specific plan is something you have probably done before, or at least thought about before. I had done this countless times, but it never worked out because I didn’t do it right. I wasn’t specific enough.

What I mean is, I would make a “plan” by making a to-do list of things I wanted to get done that day or week. I would be very ambitious when making my list… I would write down way too much stuff to possibly get done. Then, my first project would take longer than I had planned, and I would get stressed out and end up not doing anything else on my list.

You can probably relate… according to some of the psychology books I’ve read, this is a common loop humans do to themselves.

The Secret to Effective Planning

Here’s what will help you make a simple, effective, and efficient plan of attack: identify the one activity that will bring you the most results, make a clear plan of exactly how much of this activity you will do and when, and then don’t plan anything else.

Awesome, huh? For example: One of my big to-do lists would look something like this:
-Redesign the whole sales page
-Find 30 keyphrases for articles
-Write 3 articles per site
-Redesign squeeze page image
-Edit ebook for website A
-Edit ebook for website B
-Improve copy on adwords campaign

This would be a day’s worth of stuff, which I obviously never got done in one day. The other thing is, all of those things are important. But, if you look at that list to identify the ONE thing that is the most important, writing the articles is by far the most important. Producing content is number one, because that drives traffic and without traffic nothing else matters.

Consistent Action

So, what I did was make a plan where my only objective was to write 3 articles per site everyday. Anything else I managed to get done was just a bonus. The funny thing is, when you sit down with laser focus and achieve your goal for the day first thing in the morning, you feel good about yourself and turn into a worker bee the rest of the day.

Once you’ve identified your key priority, make a specific plan for how much of it you’ll do everyday, and then simply don’t do anything else each day until you’ve done that.

One last tip, base your plan on a measure of the activity itself, not time. This means if your top priority was writing blog posts, make your daily goal a number of blog posts instead of blogging for two hours each day.

You’ll be shocked at the results you get if you do this for even just a month straight.

What planning tricks work for you?

Take a minute and leave a comment below…

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  • givejonadollar

    Reply Reply March 1, 2011

    My goal is to use the scheduling function of blog posts. With blogger, I can schedule posts, and have them fall on a certain day.

    The only issue, often, is coming up with good content, and not posting just to be posting.

  • Nate

    Reply Reply March 1, 2011

    It helps to get a list of your favorite blogs and keep them in a folder in your bookmarks and read them regularly to see what they are writing about. This will give you your own ideas for your niche… definitely don’t copy posts.

  • Molly

    Reply Reply June 7, 2011

    Thanks for the post I actually learned something from it. Very good content on this site Always looking forward to new post.

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