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Email marketing is something I’m constantly telling my readers and customers that they should start doing, and if you’re not building a list and using email marketing… you should start.

Email marketing works… It’s effective, it gets results, and it will generate sales… especially if you do it right.

Getting subscribers and building lists all start with your opt-in page.

Squeeze Pages vs Opt-in Pages

You’ve probably heard the term “squeeze page” thrown around a lot, and maybe you’re wondering what the difference is between a squeeze page and an opt-in page.

At the core- they’re the same thing. They are a page that is dedicated to getting someone to give you their email address. But, there are some differences to point out.

A squeeze page is really just a type of opt-in page. A squeeze page typically has no navigation links, a few bullet points explaining the benefits of opting into the list, and then the actual opt-in form.

Again, this is one way to do it. These types of opt-in pages convert really well, especially when you have effective and compelling copy. I still use squeeze pages on a lot of my sites, but I’ve discovered a few elements that most “squeeze pages” are missing…

1. Let Your Opt-in Page Pre-Screen Prospects

The first goal you probably have when you start your list building efforts is to simply get as many opt-ins as you can. But, as you get some experience mailing your subscribers, you’ll quickly find out that having as many subscribers as possible isn’t the best way to go. The way autoresponder services work is that you pay more the more subscribers you have, so that’s the biggest downside to having a huge list that isn’t responsive.

One of the best ways I’ve found to get the best prospects on your list is to basically have an article as your opt-in copy(this is an idea from this free list building bootcamp). You can see this in action on my 500 Club page- you can tell it’s not a standard squeeze page. The idea with this is that you write something long enough that it can contain your key points, and ideally you’ll have subscribers that are much more receptive to your message. In fact, according to Eben Pagan, you actually want your marketing copy to filter out everyone except your ideal prospects. That makes sense when it’s put that way, but most people start out wanting to build as big of a list as possible.

2. Remove Distractions

The reason why squeeze pages don’t have navigation or the regular sidebars is because if those things are there, you simply lose people to them. Whether you’re using a standard squeeze page with just a few bullet points, or a opt-in page with more content as described above, you should remove these things. A good WordPress theme made for marketing will make this really easy, such as Profits Theme that let’s you drag and drop the elements you want on a page.

Distractions can also come in the form of ineffective copy, in other words sentences or paragraphs that you don’t need… length in itself isn’t a benefit. Every  sentence on your opt-in page should be there for a reason.

3. Ask for the Email Address, Nothing More

I’m sure you get emails that address you by your first name, which is really cute. But the hards facts from tons of different experiments have shown that the more info you ask for, the less opt-ins you’ll get. You’ll do best to simply ask for the email address.

4. Your Freebie

The freebie… I’ve tried everything there is. PDF’s, free video courses, mindmaps, “cheat sheets”, ebooks, ecourses, etc.

What works best?

My favorite by far, and this will get you the best results if you do it right, is a series of emails that deliver what your prospects want to learn or get advice on. This works the best when you can weave some sort of a story line throughout your autoresponder sequence, so that your subscribers eagerly await each email.

The problem that I’ve found with a free report is that people will opt-in just to look at it, and you’ll see a lot of unsubscribes after that first email. This happens because you’ve instantly given them what they wanted and there’s no real reason to stay on your list, as well as the fact that you haven’t given them a chance to get to know you.

When you send them a series of informative and entertaining emails, people start to feel more comfortable with you and know who you are when they see your emails.

5. Split Test

This is another thing I talk about all the time, because it really matters. There are many ways to split test and many tools you can use, so I won’t get into that here. The main point is that you should always be running two versions of your opt-in form. Colors and fonts might yield small improvements, but you’ll get by far the biggest results by tweaking your actual copy- primarily your headline.

Not Building a List Yet?

If you’re not, you should be. One of the best resources out there, which is FREE, is this little bootcamp by Andre Chaperon.

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  • Matson Magleby

    Reply Reply January 16, 2013

    Another great post! I really like the idea of making the autoresponder series with a story in it, so they have to keep opening your emails. Great stuff!

    BTW, I always read your emails!

    • Nate

      Reply Reply January 19, 2013

      Thanks Matson- it does work 😉

  • Garry Clinton

    Reply Reply January 16, 2013

    A very informative article . Very practical and helpful for Newbies

  • Andrew

    Reply Reply January 16, 2013

    Hey Nate,

    Good to see (or listen rather) to another podcast!

    I am actually in the process of learning just how free traffic does not always convert into buyers of your products.

    In my niche I think it is important to create a relationship between myself and people to drive sales, as I have already seen some people signup to get my free ebook and then immediately unsubscribe. The remedy for that seems to be the autoresponder series.


    • Nate

      Reply Reply January 19, 2013

      Andrew- Yeah start trying something different with an AR series. Or just break up your current freebie into a series of emails.

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