Hi I’m Nate.

I’ve been doing internet marketing in different forms for the last 5 years. I didn’t really make any money until about three years ago.

But once I did, things took off (that’s usually how it happens).

Here’s what Strayblogger.com will help you with:

You’re probably too smart to follow all the  the latest “make money schemes” or the fastest tricks for making money, because those things don’t last. You’re probably all about building a sustainable, scalable, and mostly-passive online business.


That’s exactly what you’ll learn on Strayblogger.com.

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My premium training site is at StraybloggerTraining.com or ‘SBT’. SBT is an all-in-0ne membership site that contains several premium courses all in one place that will teach you things like copywriting, email marketing, conversion techniques, how to publish your own successful Kindle books, how to create your own info-products, how to stay productive and work on the right things, and how to plan out, set up, and build authority sites. It has some other stuff as well. All the videos are ‘over-the-shoulder’ style so that you get the thinking behind the techniques- it’s a much faster way to learn.

If you want a deeper background on me…

I grew up in Idaho working on a farm… two farms actually. We always had about 100 to 200 cows that I had to take care of, and then my uncle was a potato farmer so I worked for him during the day (the cow work is done really early in the morning and late at night).

What does this have to do with my information business? Not a dang thing.

Although if I wasn’t so used to hard work I probably would have given up on this stuff way before I had any success… So there’s that.

But let’s get back to online marketing…

My First Attempt

I’ve had the dream of running an online business for years now. The first thing I tried was just building a content website.
I didn’t know about keyword research or market research, and my site was about bodybuilding.
Pretty embarrassing. I put a ton of time into this site but I was just doing the wrong things. I’m talking like over 2 years working on this site in my spare time after my day job.

When I finally decided to pull the plug on that first website(which was painful after how much time I’d put into it), I quit internet marketing (for awhile).

My Day-to-Day Grind

Each day I was going to my regular job, which was selling cell phones in the mall at that time, and within a few weeks I just couldn’t get the idea of making money from the internet out of my mind.

I stood there 8 hours a day… stood. There were no chairs or stools to sit on.

The idea that I could be sitting at home listening to music while working instead of making my manager and the owner of the company richer started to drive me crazy.

After a few months, I started looking into other ways of making money on the internet.

Somehow, I came across the idea of pay-per-click, or PPC. PPC is when you buy text ads on sites like Google, and back then you could still direct-link to an offer page.

Whatever the course was that I was following had me believing that all my money troubles were over.

I set up the campaign, and went to bed.

My Money Problems Were Over…. I Thought

I could barely sleep because I knew that I was going to wake up to a bunch of money in my Clickbank account.

Well, I woke up the next morning and had spent over $200, and no sales.

I was still so sold on the idea that I literally thought there was something wrong with my Clickbank account.


Once I realized it wasn’t going to be as easy as I’d thought, I gave up on internet marketing for another few months.

At this point, we’re about 2 and a half years into my internet marketing career, and still nothing has happened, but I’ve put in a lot of work.

Now, I have some information that will help you avoid the mistakes I made, as well as show you the correct way to do things as you’re getting started…

Avoid the Same Mistakes I Made

…I truly want to help you start seeing success wayyyy before 2 and half years.

And if you follow what I teach you, YOU WILL.

So, there are 2 big lessons from my failure story I just told you… Can you guess what they are?

The first big lesson is to not get sucked into the idea that there’s some super easy and fast way to make a lot of money online. Listen- or I should say read- this next sentence very carefully:

Change your focus from “what can I do to make some money?” to “what can I do to provide some value?”

…seriously. I know you hear the “provide value” all the time, but that is the only way to earn money.

To earn any money online, whether it’s from Adsense, Amazon’s affiliate program, Clickbank products, or selling your own products, at the very least what you’re doing is connecting an interested prospect with a merchant- that’s providing value.

Producing great content that teaches or entertains site visitors is providing value. There’s a lot of ways to provide value, but it’s crucial to understand that that’s what you need to be doing in order to actually generate income.

2 Takeaway Lessons…

So that’s lesson #1 from my failure story- I got sucked into the idea that I was going to spend a couple of hours setting up a PPC campaign and start making the big bucks.

Here’s lesson 2: You need to have a realistic working plan. That means a few different things.

First, you need to know that what you’re doing will pay off.

Second, you need to have a method in which you approach it that’s realistic. A system.

This means that when you sit down each day to work on your business, even if you only have an hour a day, that you know ahead of time exactly what you’re going to do for that hour.

>>>>I’m going to give you some specifics on this in the next lesson.

So to recap:

I gave up on my long term project that just wasn’t working. Looking back this was necessary.

I couldn’t get the idea out of my head of having an online information business. I’m glad I couldn’t. Never give up.

I got sucked into the idea of fast, overnight money-making.

Doesn’t exist. This was lesson #1.

Lesson #2 was that you need to have an exact working plan that you know will work if you put the work in….


  • fletchmonster@gmail.com

    Reply Reply March 12, 2012

    like the new design Nate!

    • Nate

      Reply Reply March 12, 2012

      Thank you- glad you like it.

  • Neal Sayre

    Reply Reply April 18, 2012

    Thanks for making IM all come together for me. I have been buying a few shinny objects and following other internet marketers for a while now. I just could not get it all to come about into an actionable and profitable plan.

    Your information along with some great tools that you suggested has provided the catalyst that finally brought the pot to a boil. …….

    Technology has improved a lot since I first started to learn this business as a part time venture five years ago. With that technology and what I have learned from you and a few others I will have my site(s) up and running before June 1 this year.

    Neal Sayre

    Ps And I will buy through your affiliate links as a thank you.

    • Nate

      Reply Reply April 18, 2012

      Neal- I love hearing stuff like that and you’re welcome.

  • Steve

    Reply Reply August 2, 2012


    Saw your webinar tonight (8/1). Very interesting! I appreciate your down-to-earth-style.

    Learned some great stuff! I’ll be visiting you site often.


    • Nate

      Reply Reply August 2, 2012

      Steve- Glad you liked it, thanks for attending.

  • Phil

    Reply Reply August 10, 2012

    Hi Nate,

    I tracked down your site from the Warrior Forum after picking up your SEO CC product.

    I’m interested in your 6 month training program and will check out your site content for some gems before committing.



    • Nate

      Reply Reply August 16, 2012

      Sounds good Phil- let me know if you have any questions.

  • Sebastia

    Reply Reply January 19, 2013


    I just discovered your blog. Thanks for sharing so much useful information 🙂

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