Amazon 04: Building an Amazon Niche Site vs. an Authority Site

amazon niche sitesIn this training, I’m going in a different direction than I had planned. I’ll go over the advantages of building Amazon niche sites vs. authority sites. I’m also going to outline a strategy that you can use to make more money faster, and also guarantee that you’re not wasting your time in the long run.

Here’s what I mean:

We all know that in a perfect world, you would have a few huge authority sites that each made $100k a month. The problem is, creating just one site like that takes a huge amount of work and focus, and while there’s a much bigger upside long-term, getter there is a slow process and won’t make much money for awhile.

And, as much buzz as there is about niche sites dying and Google hating small sites, there’s still no denying the fact that laser-targeted, small, exact match domain sites are still super easy to rank in the top ten results- from other’s experience and my own. The main page of a site and the keywords it’s based around are wayyy easier to get in the top ten than supporting pages are.

Amazon Niche Sites vs Authority Sites

I have noticed that while these sites can get ranked high pretty quickly, they obviously won’t stay there indefinitely, especially if you don’t do anything to keep building links to them or update them with new content. But, you can have a small site sit at the top of the rankings for months and months before it goes anywhere… plenty of time to: 1) make some commissions while it’s at the top, 2) build other small sites like it, 3) after a month or two, look back and see what sites are doing well in terms of both earnings and rankings, and 4) then add more content and backlinks to the ones that are doing well.

I’ve basically followed this strategy with all of the different kinds of sites I’ve built over the last few years- build a bunch of small sites, see what’s working, and put more time and effort into what’s working.

In the previous training, I basically recommended that you start off with an authority site in mind, but it makes a lot more sense to put a few sites together and then survey what’s going on and make your next move from there.

So to clarify,

Are authority sites are the best long-term option: YES

Should you pick a category of products and start building an authority site: NO

Should you build several small sites and then make the most profitable ones into authority sites: YES

I think that sums it up. There are a few things to keep in mind while you’re choosing topics and keywords for your domain names, so that it can logically be built into a much bigger site if you decide to:

  • A keyword such as “best home treadmills” is a lot better than “Sony Xfz4437-cl44” as far as being able to expand the site’s content later on
  • Also, “best home treadmills” isn’t a keyword that will be outdated at some point, such as a exact match domain of a model number

For those of you who like exact ‘how-to’ steps, here’s the routine I follow:

  • Find a keyword for your domain based on what I outlined in this training
  • Get as close to an exact match domain as you can. In order of priority:,,,,,,… that last one just means adding a stop word into the domain.
  • Put up 3 pages- you can make these “posts” or pages. If you make them posts, then make your main article “sticky” so that it’s at the top- likewise, if they are pages, choose your main article as your static homepage. Your homepage or main post, will obviously be optimized for your main keyword phrase, and the other two posts should be based around a longer-tail version of that keyword phrase
  • Follow the backlinking steps I outline here…
  • Wait 1-2 months and spend your time building more sites
  • If the site is making progress and making sales, build more content and backlinks

In the next few trainings, I’ll go more into detail about how to setup review articles and how to link to Amazon and all that good stuff.


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  • Grant

    Reply Reply February 5, 2012

    I’m glad you ironed a few things out when it comes to amazon sites Nate. Thanks..Grant

  • constantine

    Reply Reply June 28, 2012


    just a german guy so please ignore my english skills that are maybe a littler bit limited 😉

    What exactly is a site that “makes progress and making sales” ? Where must a keyword rank after 1-2monthsaand in which case do you going on with building content and backlinks?

    Thanks for this training.

  • MrMickey

    Reply Reply July 17, 2012

    I totally agree with you regarding smaller niche-market sites. I’ve built both and have had a lot more success with the smaller sites than the larger ones.

    However, hopefully they two larger ones I am creating will eventually start earning consistent income.

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