Do You Have an Info-Product Yet?

Info-products are something that most people never try because they think they don’t have enough expertise, or they think they won’t sell, or they think it will be a waste of time. It’s too bad, because an info-product is one of the best ways of making long-term, consistent revenue online. Why Should You Create an…

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PPP 025: How Make Back Your Ad Spend Quickly

In this episode, I’ll give you 3 specific strategies to make back your ad spend (or money spent on SEO, etc) as quickly as possible. If you find this episode useful, please to go iTunes and search “Strayblogger”, and leave a review for the Passive Profits Podcast. Thanks!

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PPP 024: Stick With the Things That Work

In today’s episode, we go through the type of things you should be working on that can pay you for years to come. This a good one, so listen to the whole thing. Some of the things mentioned: Cover Action Pro Email Marketing StraybloggerTraining Let me know what you think in the comments. What have…

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PPP 023: 5 Effective Headline Templates for Blog Posts, Videos, and Other Content

In today’s episode I’ve got 5 headline templates for you to use in your blog posts, videos, and other content. These are simple templates but they’re all very effective. Hey, what’s up? Nate Rivers here. This is the Passive Profits Podcast, and this is Episode 23. In this episode, I’ve got five headline templates for…

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leadpages vs optimizepress which one is better

PPP 022: LeadPages vs OptimizePress: Strengths and Weaknesses

This is a reader question I’ve been asked over 10 times in the last month in one form or another: Which is better? LeadPages or OptimizePress? In this episode I tell you exactly what I like and don’t like about both of them, and which one I’d pick if I could only choose one.  …

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ryan deiss video sales letter formula

PPP 021: Do Ryan Deiss Style Powerpoint Sales Videos Work?

Click here to subscribe in iTunes…. Or go to iTunes and search ‘strayblogger’. Please leave a review. I was fixing up some of my old sites this week and I had to change some setting on one of my first sales videos. I made this video years ago, but without knowing I basically followed Ryan…

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kindle publishing mistakes

PPP: 020 Don’t Make This Kindle Publishing Mistake

Click here to subscribe with iTunes…  Last week I was doing a certain type of promo for one of my Kindle books and it was going awesome… until I got an email from Amazon. Listen or watch for what happened…   Things mentioned in this episode: Kindle Workshop course inside of StraybloggerTraining… Email marketing…

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aweber vs getresponse

What is the Best Email Marketing Service? Why I Switched From Aweber to GetResponse

If you’ve been getting my emails for awhile you’ve probably noticed at some point that I used Aweber. Like basically everyone else does. Aweber has been awesome and has made my business a lot of money. I remember the moment several years ago that I first signed up with Aweber. It was kind of a…

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You Need Something to Sell, ASAP

What’s the best online business model: Adsense sites? Blogging? Affiliate marketing? Info products? Kindle books? The answer is it doesn’t really matter. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately… The first thing almost everyone does when they are starting an online business is they setup a website – whether you call it…

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how to find long tail keyword research

How to Find Long Tail Keywords to For More Long Tail Traffic

How to Quickly Find Long Tail Keywords for More Free Traffic Why long tail keywords? So, if you consistently publish new content, but you don’t really do any keyword research, you’re missing out on a lot of free traffic that you could get from just doing some simple long tail keyword research. You might know…

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