bring the fresh review

Bring the Fresh Review

Review of Bring the Fresh

bring the fresh reviewWell, in my quest to get to “the next level” with my own online ventures… I joined a little site calledĀ Bring the Fresh several months ago.

It was recommended to me by a friend whose advice I completely trust, and it was the first money I’d spent on an internet marketing product in over a year.

…I was blown away by the results I got…

I was really impressed with the quality and depth of the training inside the members’ area… but I was blown away with the results I got from my first “BTF site.”

The Bring the Fresh approach is very similar to what I was teaching people how to do… but on steroids.

After using the BTF methods on several new sites and seeing the results with my own eyes, I decided that anyone interested in making money online would be 20 times better off with the BTF methods than with the last twenty “auto-blogging” launches they’ve seen.

What “Bring the Fresh” is…

Bring the Fresh is a training site that teaches you a step-by-step method, that ANYONE can do, without leaving anything out. It also comes with a member forum where the BTF members discuss what’s working, what isn’t working, and everything in between.

There are several SINGLE things included in Bring the Fresh that are EACH worth at least $100 on their own:

The Member Forum: The member forum on BTF is probably the best part. Imagine the top 1% of the best posts ever on warrior forum without any of the countless newbie/garbage posts that just take up bandwidth and waste your time having to filter through. I literally can’t believe some of the strategies that members share in the forums. I’m talking exact step-by-step GOLD nuggets that they’ve figured out. One member reveals his exact backlinking strategy that I would have paid $1,000 for(which has already been worth much more than that šŸ˜‰

Their Link-building outsourcer: This is the most valuable resource. Mike and Kelly give you access to the exact guy they use for their backlinks, and the guy does an amazing job. $30 for 200 high PR backlinks, in under a week. He pings them all for you and everything. I’ve used him several times and all of my sites I used him on shot up the rankings.

The Quick Start Guide: The quick start guide is where it all starts… It is a step-by-step, foolproof guide of the whole BTF method. I obviously won’t reveal what that method is here, but what is different about the method is that it isn’t something that is going to go away any time soon, and it doesn’t matter how many people are doing it. If you haven’t noticed what happens with your standard IM product launch, they are usually teaching one specific method that is instantly ruined within days of the launch because thousands of people are now doing the same thing. This is not the case at all with the BTF method.

The Videos: I love valuable training videos. There is probably over 10 hours worth of video in the BTF members’ area. There are videos detailing certain parts of the BTF method, which are great, but what I got the most out of was the videos where the creators of BTF interview each other on “big picture” type stuff.

The Audio Files: This is another thing that I would have paid more than $100 for. All of the interviews between the product creators are available in mp3 format. I put these all on my ipod and listen to them when I run or when I’m at the gym. This stuff is priceless… you’re getting a no-holds-barred look into the minds of two internet multi-millionaires. I mean, learning specific strategies to make a few thousand dollars a month online is great… but these interviews are where the real value is at.

Anyways… like I said above, if you are tired of paying money for crap products that don’t work, and if you haven’t been able to make consistent money online yet… you cannot do yourself a bigger favor thanĀ joining Bring the Fresh, and start implementing their method ASAP.

UPDATE: You’ve probably heard, but until 11:59 Feb 24th, you can get all of their “Full Disclosure” materials (their upsell) for $80 one-time Ā instead of 5 payments of $67. Bad thing for me as an affiliate but good for you… thought I’d let you know.

Limited Offer: Name: When I was just starting to figure things out, I did an interview where I walked through exactly what was working for me.

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  • Eyob

    Reply Reply May 2, 2012

    lol i thought it was a monthly membership, but its only one time thing lolol.

    Thanks! you def changed my mind, and i am glad with what i see.

    Just did my own review too. just wanted to say thanks!

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