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PPP 005: How to Get Started With the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

This is actually the first of a series of posts I’m going to make on how to use’s Associates program to generate income from anything from a simple website, to a big and beefy authority site. When you look at the volume of sales that Amazon does, it’s staggering… Especially compared to sites like…

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PPP 004: Email Marketing Tips: How to Use Targeted Email Marketing in Your Business

  You’ve probably heard me say it before, and if not you’ve at least heard it from someone else: “The money is in the list.” Well, it’s true, and it’s only getting more true as time goes on. Using email marketing in your business is essential, and one of the fastest ways to long-term, repeat…

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PPP 003: How to Set and Follow a Content Creation Schedule

I like to use the term mini-authority sites to describe the type of sites I build. The reason is, when someone says a niche site, they’re usually talking about a 5-10 page site. I like to put at least 30-50 pages on the sites that I build, so “mini authority site” describes it better. There…

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PPP 002: Hand’s-Free Niche Sites, Automating Your Business, Funding Your Growth…And a Lot More Tips

I couldn’t figure out what to call this episode, because there’s so much useful information in it. This interview is with Trent Dyrsmid of, and he brings a very different (and valuable) mindset to internet marketing. Make sure you listen to the whole episode. You can check out Trent’s special offer for my readers/listeners…

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PPP 001: The Different Niche Site Models and an Introduction To The Passive Profits Podcast

This is the first episode of the passive profits podcast. In this episode, I talk about the different niche site models, as well as a few “big picture” concepts that will really help you in your business.

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