PPP 004: Email Marketing Tips: How to Use Targeted Email Marketing in Your Business



You’ve probably heard me say it before, and if not you’ve at least heard it from someone else: “The money is in the list.

Well, it’s true, and it’s only getting more true as time goes on. Using email marketing in your business is essential, and one of the fastest ways to long-term, repeat profits for your business.

(If you decide to sign up for Aweber or iContact(at least the $14/month), and you do so through my affiliate link, I’d be more than happy to do a Skype call with you to help get you started, just contact me.)

I want to give you some “big picture” advice for free that will benefit you more than pretty much anything else you can do: There is a new “strategy”, software, or “untapped traffic source” everyday that comes out that promises to change your business and flood your sites with traffic overnight. The stream of these ideas are constant and un-ending. It’s very easy to get confused and overwhelmed with trying to implement these different strategies. The one common denominator among everything out there promising to make you more money is email marketing. Email marketing is how you hear about every single new trick. That alone should tell you something, and it points to the truth: Having an email list is by far the highest-leverage traffic source that you can learn/master/integrate.

One thing I constantly  hear from my coaching clients is they are waiting to get an auto responder service until they start getting X number of visitors each day to their sites, or when they have X number of pages built, or some other arbitrary statistic in place. You should start list building ASAP. Even if you’re only getting a subscriber every other day, that adds up fast.

Ok, I guess that was kind of rant-ish, but the bottom line is that you should start using your sites to build lists starting now… Here are some of my best email marketing tips:

My Best Email Marketing Tips:

Put up an opt-in form: Yes, I’m pointing out again that you just need to take the first step as soon as possible. Even if you have a pure amazon affiliate site, an email list can still dramatically increase how much that site makes each month. Usually the best place is the top right sidebar of your pages. You do this by getting your form code from Aweber or iContact, and just inserting the html or javascript in a text widget on your sidebar.

Create a freebie that your visitors will want: This is pretty easy to do, but most people agonize over it. A super-easy format to follow is a “cheat sheet”. You can make a one-page PDF that summarizes some of the best information about what your visitor is looking for. Not hard. But… if you just can’t come up with an idea for a freebie for a certain niche, just put up a form that says “get updates”… not the most effective thing, but at least you’ll get some opt-ins.

Don’t worry about getting their name: Besides a mass-sent email addressing you by name being annoying, it is proven that the more information you ask for, the less number of people will fill it out. All you should go after is their email address… that’s all that matters anyway. You’ll get more subscribers and you won’t have to try to write your emails so that they make sense with or without their name inserted.

Add a form in the body of your most-visited pages: This will really increase your opt-ins… You simply check your analytics and see what pages get visited the most, and add an opt-in form in the body of those pages. Obviously this works best at the top of page before your content starts.

Add your best content to your auto responder: When you use an email service like Aweber or iContact, there are two types of messages: Broadcasts and Follow-up messages. Broadcasts are a one-time message that you can send out at any given time, and follow-up messages are automatic messages that you set up in a sequence that will be sent to subscribers. You can take your best content and put it into a series of auto responders that will be sent to each subscriber over time. This will lead to a long-term increase in traffic that will also improve your key stats in Google’s eyes (avg. time on site, bounce rate, etc.)

Send “story offer” emails: Obviously, sending promotion after promotion will just bug people. What you can, and should do, is turn a promotion into a story that’s either entertaining or helpful. It doesn’t have to be long either– the masters of this technique is the backcountry.com people. They run a lot of sites that sell outdoor gear, and if you’re subscribed to any of their lists, then you know what I mean. Their emails are always promoting products, but they have short, punchy descriptions and little stories that are funny and entertaining.

Send promotions: If you go to the work(which isn’t much) of building a list, do not be afraid to send offers. And yes I realize I don’t send offers really at all to Strayblogger subscribers but that’s a strategy in itself… for your niche sites or really any type of site, you should spend time once a week finding something relevant to your subscribers that you can be an affiliate for and then write up a clever/helpful email about it and send it. Don’t forget that your whole purpose of doing this is to produce revenue.

Segment your list: Once you have a decent amount of subscribers, you can sort your list by all sorts of indicators, and then save those segments. For example, if you have a fitness list and send out an email with a headline about gaining muscle, you can safely assume that the people who open it are interested in building muscle and you can save that as a segment. Same thing if you sent out an email about losing stomach fat. Then, you can send out different offers each week to your segments that will be the most relevant to them, and increase your revenue further.

I think I’m going to stop there… that should give you a lot to think about and implement. If you found this post/podcast/video helpful then please click the like button below so that other people will see it. And leave a comment– Thanks for reading.

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  • j_rogers927@hotmail.com

    Reply Reply November 27, 2011


    Great information. There is just a plethora to be discovered here.

    Thanks again


  • Caroline Mukisa

    Reply Reply November 28, 2011

    This is a great reminder. I’ve got an optin offer and side bar form, but I haven’t really put the optin form in other places.

    I do actually enjoy mailing my list, it’s less of a hassle than writing and formatting a WordPress blog post!

    I mail twice a week, and promote the same offer for 3 emails in a row, the first using a casual mention of the product, the 2nd giving some info on the product and the 3rd is more a call to action to buy, but each time wrapped in some useful (maths) advice. Have you noticed a certain schedule works well for your niche sites?

  • Mary Chicoine

    Reply Reply November 29, 2011

    Hi Nate – glad everything is okay after your hack. I’m working on redoing parts of my only site as I’m #1 and #2 for my keywords and haven’t gotten a sale and not many clicks.

    I’m saving the above info for when I do start my list building.

    Best regards, Mary Chicoine

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