Module 3A: An Autoresponder

The Secret Weapon

If there is a “secret weapon” to internet marketing… this is it.

It’s not really secret, but most novice marketers don’t use it as if it’s only for the pros. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Like I said before, this is the tool that will make or break your efforts online. It is the autoresponder.

The biggest benefit of an email client/autoresponder is that it helps you implement the idea of turning first time visitors into repeat visitors and repeat buyers.

A cardinal rule that a lot of marketers don’t follow is that you never want to send away visitors through just an affiliate link. You always want to make an attempt to get a visitors email address. That way, you can engage them and hopefully have them visit your site over and over when you add new content.

When you just have a few affiliate links on your blog, your hard-earned visitor clicks and is gone forever.

Getting People to Subscribe

Setup something of value to give away free in order to entice people to give you their email address. Just write up some high quality information about your niche, and then turn it into a PDF. You can do this with Microsoft Word or Open Office’s word processor.

Then, you setup your autoresponder to deliver this information once they submit their email address. You can either deliver it at once or over the course of a few days. Aweber has tons of tutorials about how to do all this inside their site.

By the way, I use Aweber… it’s what I started with and I haven’t used any other ones.  As you’ll find out, your autoresponder will pay for itself many times over.


Setting up an email list is something you should start doing from day 1… day 1 meaning as soon as you have an actual site up, of course.

But, this is the number one thing people just starting leave out… I don’t know why.

If Aweber’s 19$ a month scares you, a lot of top marketers use iContact, and it’s only $10 a month up to 250 subscribers, along with a fully free 1 month trial… So your first 2 months is only $10 total.

Once you’re ready, if you sign up for Aweber or iContact through the links on this page, email your receipt and I’ll gladly do some email coaching with you about what you could use for a freebie based on your niche, and any other questions you have about getting your list going.



The awesome thing about Aweber is that you can build as many lists as you want simultaneously. In my  account for example, I have over two dozen lists that I am working on. Some of the lists I am building from two or more websites that are all in the same general niche.

As the old adage goes, “the money is in the list”.

Click here to get started with Aweber

Set up an autoresponder series that sells your product…

The other key thing to do is setup a sequence of 5-7 emails promoting your product. Whether it’s your product, or an affiliate product, it doesn’t matter. Normally you’ll set these emails up to be delivered each day for 5 days. Each email gives a little more info the prospect will be interested in, and you casually mention in each email how great the product you’re promoting is. Make the third and last email a blatant sales pitch for the product. Usually the affiliate support page for the product you’re promoting will have tips on the best ways to promote their specific product. This is why I recommend you start with a Clickbank product, as pretty much every vendor provides this information.

You should use a popup…

I understand that YOU might hate these, but remember, people coming to your niche site don’t see them very often, and they are very effective. You can make a popup form inside of Aweber, which is what I do. If you can’t do your own design stuff, then I recommend you get Popup Domination.  The Profits Theme does this for you-  It makes it very easy to make great looking popups that get a lot of signups.

A recap so far…

So far the plan is basically:

  • Choose a profitable niche with at least 5 “money” keywords/keyphrases
  • Choose your domain name as the best of your money keywords
  • Register your domain and get hosting with Bluehost
  • Install your blog theme. Use Atuahualpa (free), Profits Theme (paid), or one of your choosing
  • Create a freebie that will get people to join your list
  • Get an autoresponder account with Aweber or iContact

In the next training I’m going to show you how to setup a page for each of your money keywords, and how to get each of those pages to produce sign ups and sales for you.


  • Grant

    Reply Reply July 11, 2011

    Thanks Nate for the great tip on autoresponders. I didn’t think they were so important before. I might just whack one up on my one and only site and others to follow. Just one thing, where do you go to get these ebooks and other quality freebies to provide to your customers and are most of them free or do they charge? Thanks..Grant

    • Nate

      Reply Reply July 11, 2011


      Yeah an autoresponder is the best IM tool available besides hosting and your own website. The best way to get the freebie is to create if yourself. A freebie is a way for you to prove to the reader that you know what you’re talking about, and a great way to build trust with your subscribers.

      • Grant

        Reply Reply July 12, 2011

        Great, thanks Nate. So just how hard is it to create a freebie such as an ebook or whatever..Grant

        • Nate

          Reply Reply July 12, 2011

          It’s not that hard at all. Just think of it as 3 or 4 articles put together.

          You could make it a few pages long or 20 pages long.

          This free training on this site took a lot of time to put together, and as you can see- I don’t even have an actual product that I sell.

          I’m putting one together, but my niche sites are still my main focus.

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