How To Build Niche Sites

First of all, if you’ve watched my video on how to start an online business the right way, you know that I recommend starting with a niche site as your first endeavor. If you haven’t yet, join the newsletter by entering your email below, and you’ll also be taken directly to the video I mentioned. You should watch that first…

Here are some useful ‘how-to’ tutorials to get you started with a niche site:

An Overview of How to Get Started

How To Do Keyword Research

How To Set Up Your Site

Making Your Site Look Good

The Best Tool You Can Use

(I am always adding to this, so keep checking back for new tutorials)

Here is a series of posts on a case study I’m doing with one of my own niche sites:

A Niche Site Case Study For You To Follow…

Niche Site Update #1…


  • Grant

    Reply Reply November 10, 2011

    Hi Nate, I was going to ask you this in the forum but anyway, I know you’ve said you use “content authority” for your articles but I’m sure you would have an answer to this question…when having your (in general I mean) articles outsourced to the Philipines or say India for example, is it a must to have copyscape handy to check them first for originality, I mean it doesn’t have to be articles from the Philipines or India, it could be someone else in the warrior forum or where ever, thanks…Grant

    • Nate

      Reply Reply December 23, 2011

      No- Content authority’s stuff has already gone through copyscape.


    Reply Reply November 28, 2011

    hey nate, i ordered your video training. good work. it’s actionable info. 2 questions for you…

    1. Before taking the time to build out a video/membership product, you mentioned testing the commerciality of the site first with either adwords or affiliate offers. do you have a recommended site layout/instructions on that first site phase anywhere?

    2. Also, for market samurai you mentioned that green was good. but as for top 10 sites with competing backlinks do you have a standard or rule of thumb you use in deciding to go after it? e.g., you won’t go after sites with more than 200 links or so, or do you care less about backlinks if their url/header’s aren’t optimized and compete that way?

    If you have a better place to post questions like this, please direct me. Thanks!

  • Sheyi Shobayo

    Reply Reply December 24, 2011

    Hi Nate,

    I got to know you from Trent, I have listened to your podcase/interview with him countless number of times and all I can say is that you are a genius and a guru in making.

    Keep doing the good work and I’m gonna find a way around paypal to subscribe to your NVT course.

    The Billion Dollar Boy

    • Nate

      Reply Reply December 24, 2011


      The course is on clickbank and they accept pretty much any payment method. Let me know if you need help with anything, and I’m glad you liked the interview.

      • Sheyi Shobayo

        Reply Reply December 24, 2011

        Thanks Nate for the quick reply. I will check on it from CB… got the direct link? Moreso, I’m spying on you as well… So someone is here following your steps online!

        • Nate

          Reply Reply December 24, 2011

          The Niche Video Tycoon image in the right sidebar will go to the sales page.

  • Logan L

    Reply Reply April 7, 2012

    Nate, have you done a video on setting up Profits Theme pages? or where could I go to get a better grip on how you are setting the pages up? Thanks


    • Nate

      Reply Reply April 8, 2012

      Logan- I think there’s a post a few pages back on my blog about doing that, or are you talking about overall site structure as far as articles and categories?

      • Logan L

        Reply Reply April 9, 2012

        I was more referring to all the small details when creating the landing pages, IE. post- tag – category – archive tag posts, indexing, meta tags, hiding comments, blah blah blah………….. all the small details that make up the check boxes both in WP and profits themes. And knowing what boxes will affect SEO ranking. That sort of stuff. Thanks.

        • Nate

          Reply Reply April 10, 2012

          Logan- I’m thinking I should do a webinar on Profits Theme, or maybe an entire blog post/video about it.

          • Logan L

            April 10, 2012

            That would be excellent and much appreciated.

  • Mark

    Reply Reply April 24, 2012

    Hi Nate,

    I purchased your WSO 60 Min. a Day to $100. I went through the videos and was just curious how broad you would go with a niche. If you choose hunting and with all the pages created to different categories or drill further down like “hunting accessories” “hunting equipment” or even further like “outdoor game cameras” as an example..

    Just asking what your opinion would be on this in relation to the course direction.


    • Nate

      Reply Reply April 24, 2012

      Mark- for this type of site, broad is good. Yeah even something as broad as hunting in general- you have tons of room for all kinds of content and articles.

  • Trung Nguyen

    Reply Reply May 3, 2012

    I really enjoyed this post, I’ll follow your list to start building a new site to monetizing online with google adsense 🙂 Thanks for share

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