How to Double Your Sales In 20 Minutes (Really)

Scarcity Samurai ReviewIn this post I am going to show you how to literally double your sales– maybe even more- in about 20 minutes of work.

If you take some extra steps you can do even better.

First, let me tell you a story that illustrates the power of this concept. I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t think of this sooner since this is my own story… but that’s how it goes sometimes.

Here’s the story…

Several years ago, I was a door-to-door pest control salesman. We would go to different cities, mostly across the South, and we would walk through neighborhoods all day long and try to sell a one-year pest control contract to homeowners. It was rough work, but for the guys that could hack it, it was pretty good money.

These companies that trained us had gotten the sales pitch down to a science, so that as long as we delivered it how we were supposed to, we would sell close to 1 in 20 homeowners that we talked to. The guys that were good refined this further and could sell 1 in 8, sometimes a little better than that.

Either way- 90% of the success of the sales pitch hinged on one key aspect… the fact that it was a special offer, and that it was time-sensitive.

We would explain that if you were to look up the company online and call, the price for the initial service was $150. But… since we were “in the area” that day building a route, we could offer the initial service for just $75 if the service was done either “today or tomorrow”.

So in case you missed that, we were offering the initial service for half-price, as long as the contract was signed right then and there so that the service could be completed within the next 48 hours while the technicians were in the area.

This process worked very well… I was always amazed that we could knock on someone’s door, be a complete stranger, and within 20 minutes walk away with their credit card number written down on our sales contract. Luckily for them we weren’t scam artists!

How To Use This In Your Business…

You can probably guess what I’m going to tell you how to do, right? I have done this with several of my niche sites that I sell my own info products on, and it works like crazy.

What you do is, you go into your main autoresponder sequence that sells your product to prospects (you DO have an autoresponder sequence setup, right?), and after the initial sequence, all you do is add in 4 more emails that promote a 50% off sale.

Each email counts down to the last day, so on the first email you say, “I’m offering a half-off sale for the next 4 days, etc…”

The next email will say, “3 more days to get my product for half off”, and so on…

How to Really Take It to the Next Level…

There is a little plugin that I use that has made this “half-off” sale work 10 times better, because it makes the scarcity very real, and thus that much more effective. It’s called “Scarcity Samurai“, and it’s from the guys behind Market Samurai.

You install this plugin, and you activate it on your half-off sales page, and you set the timer to run out after 4 days. This timer begins separately for each unique visitor to the page… so you have an evergreen 4-day timer that starts once someone lands on the page, and the page will actually expire after the 4 days.

I think you can see why this works so well.

One of the most powerful things you can do in your marketing is force your prospects to make a choice… when your product is always up for sale, you’ll make sales and you can do very well. But, when you offer a sale and the scarcity is real, thanks to Scarcity Samurai, you’ll be amazed at how many more sales you’ll get that you wouldn’t have otherwise…

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