how to find long tail keyword research

How to Find Long Tail Keywords to For More Long Tail Traffic


How to Quickly Find Long Tail Keywords for More Free Traffic

Why long tail keywords? So, if you consistently publish new content, but you don’t really do any keyword research, you’re missing out on a lot of free traffic that you could get from just doing some simple long tail keyword research. You might know exactly what your audience wants in the way of content, but it’s really important to actually do some research and see what exact types of phrases your customers and prospects are typing into the search engines.

If you will just spend an extra 5 or 10 minutes per piece of content that you publish doing some long tail keyword research like I’m going to show you in this post, over the next few weeks you will see a big increase in the amount of search engine traffic that you’re getting to your blog or website.

how to find long tail keyword research

I recommend you get Long Tail Pro since it’s much, much faster than the other tools out there.

Long Tail Keyword Research Process

When you are doing your long tail keyword research, I recommend that you find at least three relevant keyword phrases for every piece of content that you create. Overtime this will dramatically increase the amount of free traffic you get from the search engines versus not doing any keyword research at all.

Step One: Fire Up Long Tail Pro

Longtail Pro is my keyword research tool of choice since it lets you into her multiple seed keywords at one time. The platinum add-on gives you the average keyword competitiveness function, which is the only thing I look at now when deciding whether to optimize for a keyword phrase or not. This saves me the time from having to try to analyze the competitiveness based on 20 different factors and it’s very predictable and reliable.

It will also save you a lot more time versus the other main keyword tools that are out there, because of the fact that the search itself and the returning of the keywords happens much more quickly than the other tools, and when combined with the fact that you can do all your seed keywords in one search it saves you a lot of time sitting there staring at your screen.

Step Two: Setup Your Campaign

Inside of longtail Pro, you simply entering your campaign name. This isn’t necessarily your main seed keyword although I can be, but the best thing is to just use a keyword or phrase or name don’t you remember, because once you have a lot of campaigns and set it won’t tell pro you want to be able to tell them apart.

how to find long tail keywords easily

Step Three: Apply Filters

When you’re looking for longtail keywords, the only filter that really matters is the minimum number of words. I always set this filter to at least four words. This will give you keyword phrases that are much easier to rank for. The more words in a phrase, in general it’s going to be easier to rank and get traffic for. If you’re creating content for a topic that is pretty competitive, and there’s a lot of content and websites and products out there already for it, there’s going to be a lot more relevant keywords available to you. So in cases like that I would suggest you set the minimum number of keywords to five or six or maybe even more.

how to find long tail keywords long tail pro

Step Four: Enter Your Seed Keywords

Again, Long Tail Pro let you start with multiple seed keywords. So you should start out with more than one, just type in every keyword phrase related to your topic that you can think of. That way, you’ll get a lot more relevant keyword phrases to choose from.

how to find long tail keywords

Step Five: Click “Generate Keywords”

This step is pretty self-explanatory: you simply click on the big yellow button at the bottom of Long Tail Pro that says ‘generate keywords’. This should only take 60 seconds or so to return hundreds and hundreds of highly relevant keyword phrases.

how to find long tail keywords

Step Six: Cherry Pick the Good Ones

As you can see in the example below, this is a great keyword phrase for several reasons. First, it is a keyword phrase that has six words in the phrase. This will make it much easier to rank and get traffic for. It also has a very strong search volume of close to 1000 monthly exact searches. It also has an average keyword competitiveness of only 30. Like I said earlier, when you’re looking for longtail keywords, you want to see that the average keyword competitiveness is close to 30 or below.

how to find long tail keywords

Step Seven: Pick a Few Really Easy Ones

You always want to choose a few really low competition keywords when you’re doing long tail keyword research. Even if the monthly search volume is down around 100 exact monthly searches, these quickly add up as you optimize your different pieces of content.

The other big benefit of optimizing all of your content for all of these longtail keywords, is that over time the more longtail traffic and keyword rankings that you get, the better your site and content will start doing in the search engines for higher competition keywords.

This keyword phrase below is a great example of a very long tail keyword. It has five words in the keyword phrase, it has an average monthly exact search volume of around 100, and it has an average keyword competitiveness score of only 25.

how to find easy long tail keywords

That’s it for this training, I hope you learned something that you can use in your own business to start finding and ranking for more long till keywords, which will send you a lot more free search engine traffic overtime.

If you already have Market Samurai and it works for you, you don’t need Long Tail Pro. But if you don’t have a premium keyword research tool yet, I highly suggest you make the investment in Long Tail Pro… All the time it will save you and traffic it will result in will be well worth it.

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  • Joe

    Reply Reply May 23, 2013

    Great guide.

    I recently switched from MS to LTP Platinum after the release of Platinum and it makes like so much easier.

    Are you still making niche sites?


  • Rob

    Reply Reply May 23, 2013

    Once we find them, then what? Write an article focused in the keyword and include it in the title and body? Anything else special should be done?

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