how to make long term residual income online

Making Long Term Residual Income Online

Make Money Now and in the Future


how to make long term residual income onlineWe all want something to create long term residual income online. What I’m referring to in the title is short and long term projects. If you haven’t been able to make consistent income with whatever you’ve been trying online, I do recommend that you start a small niche blog based around “money keywords” as I explain in my free training course. I feel that’s the best approach that anyone can use to start making money fairly quickly online. I would strongly advise you to focus solely on your first niche blog until you have it making money. Then, you can start another small niche blog as well as a long term project, which I’ll explain below.

Best Strategy to Make Money Now

The small niche blogs based on “money keywords” are great for getting rankings, traffic, and commissions fairly quickly. These would be short term projects. I personally am continually cranking out one of these small niche sites including about 30 articles for it every two to three weeks. I follow the exact process I outline in my training. It has worked over and over again for me.

In addition to these small niche blogs, I have three long term projects that I work on during the week as well. Usually, I spend a few hours on each of these projects on the weekends.

How to Make Long Term Residual Income Online

A long term project would be an authority site of some kind. A solid strategy for this, which is basically what I am doing, would be to set up an authority site of some kind in each of the three super niches, which are money, health, and relationships. Remember that these are huge niches, and so you shouldn’t just simply set up a general fitness site… you could pour hundreds of hours of work into it and not see much progress. You still need to take the “niche within a niche” approach, and find an area where you can add a lot of value that has decent demand.

A lot of people get so many ideas going around in their head that they never actually do any real work on their blogs. Having a system, and clear daily and weekly plan of how and when you’re going to create content for both your short and long term projects is crucial for getting your work done. I would recommend you dedicate an hour or two each day to creating content for your current short term project, and dedicate a few hours each weekend to your long term projects.

How do you balance your projects? Leave a comment below…

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  • Dil Naj

    Reply Reply February 25, 2011

    Nate, I’ve never left a comment before on your blog so I’m going to now. First off, great article – the video was very helpful. I never relied on a plan for getting things done online which probably explains why I never manage to write any content for my blogs or websites. Surprising to say, but it’s not my favorite aspect of making a niche website. But I know how critical it is so I gotta get over it and just do it. Thanks for the planning tips man, it helps!

  • Nate

    Reply Reply February 25, 2011


    Yeah 90% of “make money online” trainings are about specific skills and techniques, but lack of skills and knowledge isn’t what holds people back… it’s all about time management– just doing the work. I agree, content creation isn’t the funnest part, but it’s the activity that brings the results so it has to be done.

    Good luck with everything.

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