Do You Have an Info-Product Yet?

Info-products are something that most people never try because they think they don’t have enough expertise, or they think they won’t sell, or they think it will be a waste of time.

It’s too bad, because an info-product is one of the best ways of making long-term, consistent revenue online.

Why Should You Create an Info-Product?

If you set them up right, they can pull and sales almost on their own for a long, long time. This deals primarily with the pillar content on your site, and affiliates.

If you give affiliates decent conversions upfront, affiliate traffic is the one of the most “autopilot” traffic sources there is. And it doesn’t cost you a thing until you make money too.

What Makes Up a Good Info-Product?

An info-product can be as simple as an ebook. If your niche is small or obscure, putting an ebook on Kindle might not be the best move. You’ll be able to sell your ebook for $27 to $47 from your own site instead of $2.99 on Kindle.

A step up from an ebook is a video course. Again, this can be very simple to do and still made to look nice and professional. You then put your content in a member’s area, and you can either charge a one-time fee, or come up with an ongoing content strategy and charge a monthly fee.

How Do You Create An Info-Product?

If you’re just writing an ebook, Microsoft Word is all you need. You’ll still want some way of protecting your download area, so you can use something like DAP, Wishlist Member, but now even OptimizePress comes with a free membership plugin that let’s you create a protected download area.

If you’re making a video course, the easiest thing to do is make screen-recorded instructional videos, and those you just base on Powerpoint slides. It’s a good idea to buy a premium Powerpoint theme, because then your videos will look even better.

You’ll need screen-recording software and a microphone. I use Screenflow because I have a Mac, if you have a PC the standard is Camtasia. The mic I use is the Blue Yeti.

You need a video host that isn’t just Youtube- I use Vimeo Pro. It’s very easy to use, extremely fast and reliable, and it’s a lot cheaper than other options.

What If I’m Not an Expert?

That doesn’t matter. You can become an expert in a week- at least expert enough to compile information and present it in a useful and professional manner. That’s what you’ll learn how to do in ‘Info-Product Pro‘ inside of StraybloggerTraining.

You organize topics, then go out and read books, blog posts, and even forum posts on the topics and compile and customize the best information. Then you organize it into a coherent course.

Creating an info-product is a very worthwhile thing to spend some time on.

The nice thing is, as you get sales and gather feedback, you can just keep improving the course until it’s gold.

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