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PPP 021: Do Ryan Deiss Style Powerpoint Sales Videos Work?


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I was fixing up some of my old sites this week and I had to change some setting on one of my first sales videos. I made this video years ago, but without knowing I basically followed Ryan Deiss’s Video Sales Letter Formula.

The only difference is, this video is terrible… but it still makes sales week after week.

Listen or watch to see why it works…


Things Mentioned in this episode:

Alright welcome to the podcast, this is the Passive Profits Podcast and strayblogger.com, my name is Nate Rivers and what I want to talk about today is “Do Ryan Deiss style sales videos work?”

If you’re not familiar with that term Ryan Deiss or his videos, it’s basically the power point type videos – they are really simple, where it’s just words on the screen and it’s the exact same format of this podcast episode and pretty much every video that I do online is  a power point style video. We’ll get more into why I’m even talking about this and how I thought of this topic, but first let’s read a 5 star review.

This is from a podcast listener who goes by the name Grey Zulu and he says “many bloggers have one or two attributes in their title but Nate has all three, no small feat in the IM niche, I have bought and followed his course, I’m just starting but I’m already seeing positive results” that was a while ago, that was in August 2012.

And again, you can help me out by going  and finding the Strayblogger or Passive Profits Podcast in iTunes and leaving your review.

But I admit it, it’s my own fault because I haven’t made a podcast episode – I basically took like a year I think without making a podcast episode. So anyways, I’ll accept full responsibility for no current reviews or recent reviews.

So the reader question that I’ve got today is “what is the best step-by-step kindle publishing guide?”

There’s a couple of ways I can answer this. This question was emailed to me I think like two days ago by a reader named Eli and first of all, of course I’ll recommend my own course which is the Kindle Workshop module inside of strayblogger training, that’s how I approach kindle publishing from start to finish.

It’s how I do it and I’ve been pretty successful at it. Kindle is one of the main things I’ve focused on in the last year and half – two years in my business and it’s made a huge difference.

If you set things up right you can get Kindle books to generate leads and get paid instead of paying like $2 to $3 per subscriber with paid advertising.

I do both – but anyways, the other way to answer this question is- at the most basic level you just need your eBook in a Microsoft word document and you can follow the Kindle publishing guide if you set up a KDP publishing account. If you just Google  “KDP self publishing”, it’s easy to find, it’s Amazons interface where you log in as a Kindle publisher and if you go to the help section that would answer all your questions about formatting. It would tell you how to actually publish it and make it look great.

I guess the things you will be missing out on is the whole marketing side of things like how to create a title, how to write your chapter, your chapter titles, your table of contents so every piece of your marketing element pulls people in deeper and makes them want to actually read your book or buy your book and then read it.

Ok, so do the Ryan Deiss style sales videos work?

The way that I came up with this topic to even talk about it, this week I’ve been going back and cleaning up some of my older sites. I’ve switched over some of them to Optimize press.

I’m in the process of switching a bunch of stuff over, anyways I realized that the sales video on my first info product’s sales page wasn’t working and this was pretty weird to me because it’s still been making sales. I really don’t have any idea how long the video hasn’t been working so I took the video or the video file, I saw where it was – I made this video like 3 years ago – that’s not even true, it’s longer than that, it’s like 4, 5 years maybe.

I’ve used some different video services in the way that I set up my online videos in that time especially the first year, so I was still figuring things out. Anyways, I tracked down the actual file, and that one happened to be in the Amazon S3 account, so I downloaded it, put it into my Vimeo account because I use Vimeo pro for pretty much all my videos now except for free ones.

Those are used on YouTube. I watched some of this old sales video, and this video sucked, I cannot believe how bad.

You can tell I’m nervous, I’m talking way too slow, I’m like literally reading the words that are on the screen, I can’t even tell if I practiced it or not, just no emotion, it’s just terrible.

And the funny thing is that product, that makes sales week in and week out and it’s simply a testament to getting things good enough and more so just getting the project done from start to finish.

When you create your own info product there really is quite a bit to do to make everything work from start to finish. You’ve got the sales video, you’ve got the membership side, you’ve got to figure out how to get traffic, the whole sales funnel, the auto responder messages that makes it convert, the sales page itself.

Powerpoint Style Sales Videos Work

Now I will admit even though the sales video isn’t that great and everything, and I remember this because it’s the first one I set up, I spent a bunch of time trying different versions. I used Google- I can’t remember what it used to be called, now it’s content experiments.

It’s basically an AB split test, I messed around with that, I did spend a decent amount of time getting this stuff put together and I did try, I believe two different versions of the sales video but they were both the kind of Ryan Deiss style, just pure power point video, again just like this video is that you’re watching now.

Anyways it’s just a testament to the idea that getting something completely done is good enough and then you can work on creating traffic streams to your site.

You can either buy some traffic or put in a little time and effort to make the YouTube videos, some audio files, some PDFs, some blog posts and distribute those around and set up just some long term traffic streams.

How to Create a Powerpoint Style Sales Video

So what this video does though even though the presentation was not great at all for the things I mentioned it conveys the message, it tells people what they’ll learn and it tells them to sign up, if you had to boil down an effective sales video formula into three steps you’d want it to convey the message, you want to tell people what they are going to learn – not so much learn but what is someone going to gain by giving you money and paying for your product, that’s what you’d want to tell them on the video and then you’d want to tell them to sign up.

So the sales video I’m talking about does those three things, and here is an Eben Pagan tip, this is a different way of saying what I just said, in one of his trainings that I went to, I remember a bunch of key phrases at different times that relate to different thing.

But when it comes to telling your story or setting up the main sales message that someone is going to get from you, you want to imagine that you could stand there in front of a prospect that’s standing in front of you and they couldn’t say anything because we’re assuming it’s like a sales video or they are looking on the computer screen, if they couldn’t say anything and you had half an hour to tell them everything that they would want to know to be able to decide to buy your product or not, that is exactly what you’d be putting in your sales message.

Basically your story or your reasons, what they are going to benefit, the whole thing if you could just stand there and give them a 1-on-1 sales presentation, sales pitch to a prospect standing there, that’s what you’ll make your sales message and it’s effective to put it in these power point style videos, people can see the words on the screen, they can hear your voice basically saying the same message as the words you’re seeing for any given slide and these things just work incredibly well and this was the first sales video I ever made.

It’s just a simple power point video it’s the Ryan Deiss sales video formula style video and the nice thing about this is luckily they work as well as they do because you don’t have to put your face on video, you don’t need an expensive video camera or a DSLR camera or anything like that and then you don’t have to mess around video editing a whole lot.

You have screen flow or camtasia – there’s a bunch of screen recording websites now where you can just press a button and start recording your screen, so there’s really just no excuse to try these out. So the lesson I guess, the main take away is to take action, the biggest thing I would tell you, whatever your project is that you’re working on you need to finish that project, if it’s your first Kindle book, if you’re trying to set up your first info product – you need to just get that done and not let the fear of not being good enough stop you.

So that’s the lesson for today and I will have a link in here to Ryan Deiss’s video sales letter formula. It’s an extremely well done course that makes things very simple, it gives you like templates to follow to make high converting sales video, so that will be in the post as well.

For more information like this, if you haven’t downloaded the Kindle income calculator then go to strayblogger.com, opt in to one of the opt in forms, there will probably be a pop up that shows the first time you visit the site and enter your email there and I’ll send that to you right away and you can use that to see how simple it is to hit certain income levels with kindle publishing and email marketing, so go ahead and do that. Thanks for listening and I will see you on the next episode.

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