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PPP 022: LeadPages vs OptimizePress: Strengths and Weaknesses


This is a reader question I’ve been asked over 10 times in the last month in one form or another:

Which is better? LeadPages or OptimizePress?

In this episode I tell you exactly what I like and don’t like about both of them, and which one I’d pick if I could only choose one.


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This is the Passive Profits Podcast- this is episode 22. In this episode, the full episode is gonna be discussing one reader’s question that I got through an email just yesterday and this question is a good one; it’s something I’ve been wondering about. I use both of these solutions. I use LeadPages and OptimizePress but I could see how somebody starting out would be wondering, “Ok, which one should I choose if I only chose one?” So that’s kind of what I’m gonna go over. I’m gonna give you some of the– …I’ve used  both of them a lot in the last couple months and so I know a lot about each one of them and I know their strengths and benefits as far as what I do, as far as how I use them. So I’m going to go into that on this podcast.

Before we get started, if you’re new to strayblogger.com, if you’re new to the Passive Profits Podcast, then go to stryblogger.com and download my–I can’t say it’s a full eBook, I think it’s like 12 or 15 pages. It’s my free report called ‘The $1,000 per Month Simplified’- what it does is it guides you through the drivers to actually focus on that would generate results in your business; and it teaches you what you can ignore. It also comes with an income calculator that you input the basic drivers that I talk about in the report and it kind of spits out numbers that are pretty conservative for things that you can put into action. Go and get that if you haven’t done that yet- it’s at strayblogger.com.

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What is Better Between LeadPages and OptimizePress?

Let’s get into this question. The reader’s question is, “What is the better choice between LeadPages and OptimizePress?” That’s a good question. I’ll just cut straight to the chase- LeadPages, in my book, is hands down better for opt-in pages. That’s really – its big advantage to me. That’s the name of the product, LeadPages so it makes sense. That’s what it’s made to do. The reason that I like it better… I still like OptimizePress’ visual editor better than I like LeadPages, how you set up the pages but LeadPages is extremely fast to set up. The real big benefits to lead pages is if you have a new idea for a freebie or a lead a magnet or a new angle or a new headline,  whatever it is, basically a new angle at trying to get prospects to give you their email address. LeadPages is super easy to set up and it’s easy to duplicate- you click one page and you can duplicate your pages and then you can use a little slider thing to designate or to choose how often each variation is going to be shown to traffic going to that page. The analytics are very simple- the big advantage there is just to speed things, speed of implementation. If you’re trying out new campaigns all the time and you want to try out a new idea in five minutes, you can’t really beat lead pages for that. It is faster than OptimizePress to do that certain thing and I do this all the time- that’s why I use LeadPages.

LeadPages for Lead Generation

I do a decent amount of paid traffic, messing around with Facebook ads and different niches, different topics and so LeadPages is well worth the money. It’s really a low investment; a one-time payment for a year or whatever it is to be able to do that. You don’t have to set up new goals in Google Analytics or anything like that, which you would do if you were using your own site and trying to set up an AB split test with the content, experiments- that are like Google’s AB split testing thing. That whole process is at least five to ten times faster than setting up a split test… sorry, it’s give to ten times faster at least to do it in LeadPages and be able to check your stats daily and all you have to do is set up the new page and duplicate it and then change the headline or whatever it is. LeadPages is much faster.

There are a few things I don’t like about LeadPages. I’m not a hundred percent sure that Google Analytics works right so I still try to use Google Analytics for different things. Basically the track where the funnel begins and—anyways some different things; I’m not a hundred percent sure that Google Analytics picks it up correctly because each LeadPage is not technically part of your site and I’m a little bit stupid and so I haven’t put in the time and effort to really figure it out and make sure that it’s tracking right. I think you might have to use some JavaScript options because Google Analytics, the way I think it works is, in its most basic form, it tracks paths through your site, through URLs and because the LeadPages aren’t actually a part of your site, even though you can copy the Google Analytics code for that account into the lead page, I’m just not–the data, to me, looks like it doesn’t exactly work right or you have to be better at Google Analytics than I am or put more time into it that I’m willing to put in. The same exact thing for remarketing pixels so I use Perfect Audience, spend even more money with Perfect Audience and I’m still not sure it really works right. Again, I know you can make it work; I know that’s possible, probably using JavaScript actions instead of tracking paths to the site but I haven’t put in the time to really figure that out.

The other thing that really bugs me about LeadPages is you have to hit ‘save’ after every tiny change. Unless I’m doing something wrong, when I change–so I open a new template that they have sitting there and I change the elements and if you go through and change the page to make it look exactly like you want it to and then you hit ‘save’, it will show you that you can save it and it will look like you’ve made it to look. So it doesn’t… seem like there’s a problem but I’ve done this before I figured this out and turned on some page traffic to it and it’s not converting or whatever. And I’ve gone back and looked at the actual published page and it’s completely different and my changes stopped after my very first page… As far as I can tell, you have to hit ‘save’ after every single tiny change in the LeadPages editor and if you don’t know that… your page will look fine to you once you hit ‘save’ but then out there on the web, the real published thing stopped tracing your changes after like the first main thing that you’ve changed. That’s annoying; you just need to know that it does that.

The other thing I don’t like is it would be nice to be able to add elements; so if I wanted to add another paragraph of text down below the opt-in form or if I wanted to make… an opt-in form because some of their templates look really good and would work well for a sales page but it’s an opt in form template and you can’t change the opt-in—you can’t just make it a regular button versus like an opt-in page. It has to be an opt-in age and it will make that opt-in form pop up like they’re famous for and so I wish it would do that. That’s something that OptimizePress is much better at. It’s one hundred percent flexible; you can make it do whatever you want. I will say, in parentheses, it could be the case that they have their templates set up for a reason and they relentlessly test each template like they say they do before they make it available. Maybe their argument would be, “Well, you’re an idiot and we’re marketing professionals so our templates have everything set out the way that we have it for a reason and you can’t change it because you’ll probably screw it up and make it convert worse than how we have it right now.”  I can see that being their reasoning for that and maybe that’s why.

The Benefits of OptimizePress

OptimizePress– the things that I really like about OptimizePress, you have complete control over everything. The elements that you–that they’ve given you to use, they’ve put a lot of thought and effort into and I’m assuming they just had tons and tons of data of things people wanted; because anything you could really want in there, marketing wise for a website, is available as an element. They look really good; there are tons of options, they’re super useful and it works very well. That’s a huge point- that’s something people kind pf expect but if you’ve worked with a lot of themes; even a lot of premium themes out there, they’re usually (a) actually pretty hard to use once you get in there and really try to customize it or (b) if you get in there and really try to customize things, you screw something up somehow or the theme just doesn’t really work how you want it to. I have… created a lot of pages and I’ve fully converted several entire membership sites over to OptimizePress in the last like two months and I haven’t had a single instance where it just didn’t work exactly like it was supposed to the first time. I really like OptimizePress for those reasons; the visual editor works great, it makes editing pages extremely fast.

The other thing that I really, really like–this is another–this is kind of a selling point for LeadPages but they have API; it gives you a–you’re able to use API access for all your stull like GoToWebinar or your auto- responder but one issue that I ran into– and this is a small annoyance, this is just me complaining but I like to use single opt-ins and with Get Response that I use, if you want to use single opt-ins through the API, you need to… make a special request to the support team and again, that’s a very–probably not even worth complaining about because it take them like less than 24 hours usually, but you need to send them some things and send them the links to your privacy page and stuff so it is a little bit annoying. The thing with OptimizePress is you can use, you can enable the API to do that same thing or you can just use the HTML from a web form inside your Get Response account and that lets you get around the single opt-in, like approval thing. You can just, if you have that campaign set to single opt-in and you use the HTML form through OptimizePress, you don’t have to get approval from the support team to use single opt-in.

The thing that I love, ok… I’ve said like six things–Another thing that I really love about OptimizePress is everything is automatically mobile-optimized and this is awesome. I mean, every single page, if you–let’s say you have a blog, then you have landing pages, then you have membership pages, membership area, you install OptimizePress and you kind of have to go through and make sure it’s switched over correctly; or of you build a site from the ground up with OptimizePress, every single page is mobile-optimized. LeadPages does this, obviously, but it’s not site wide. It’s just, each lead page that you plug into your site and–so if you’re using a different theme, then your lead pages will be mobile-optimized with a lead page, which is great because I’ve had really good results with using… Paid Mobile Traffic. But it’s really nice with OptimizePress that you… use the OptimizePress theme and then every single page on your site is automatically mobile-optimized and will work on an iPhone or an Android phone…The next thing is the blogging features are awesome. It’ not just for sales pages and landing pages; it makes your blog posts look really good. There are just a lot of features that, on any of the sites that I’ve switched over, I’ve ended up using OptimizePress as well for the blog.

The next thing is the OptimizePress 2 integrates with GoToWebinar; that was an original selling point of LeadPages. It was kind of one of the only things out there that did it well… that integrated with GoToWebinar is what I’m talking about. OptimizePress2 does that as well, so you’re landing pages you can optimize them for GoToWebinar, create… webinar registration pages that instantly adds someone to a webinar without having to use those ugly GoToWebinar pages. The other thing is that OptimizePress2 comes with a membership plugin so that’s a big cost saver right there. You don’t need anything like digital access pass or wish list member if you want to purchase OptimizePress to create a membership site and implement a pay wall so that you restrict your members area to people that are paid. It comes with a plug in that would do that and it integrates with ClickBank, other payment processors out there so that, just out of the box your optimized site, you can create your membership areas or your download pages and they’re protected.

So the verdict is if you have the budget and especially if you’re using any paid traffic, then both of them are worth it for what they’re good at. Again, LeadPages really can’t be beat for speed for speed of implementation for setting up different offers and opt-in pages, lead pages basically or even just little simple sales pages for like Tripwire offers like $7, $10 or $17 products. But if you’re choosing between just one- OptimizePress has way too many advantages overall; whereas if you only have the $200 or $300 to invest in one solution- I think OptimizePress just has way too many advantages over LeadPages. It’s much more feature rich and you can use it from start to finish to create your opt-in pages, your thank you pages, your sales pages and your member areas and it comes with the plugin that lets you protect your membership pages. That’s my analysis. Again, that’s it for this podcast episode; if you have any questions about which or what features, what each one can or can’t do, ask me in the comments, I’ll be happy to answer those if I can. And again, if you’re new to strayblogger, if you’re new to the blog grab my free report ‘$1000 per Month Simplified’; you can get it at strayblogger.com. It’s just on the home page, just enter your email address and you’ll be taken to it on the thank you page. Thanks for listening- again I would love it if you went to iTunes, found the podcast and leave me  a review.

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