5 Ways to Be More Productive by Organizing Your Workspace

5 Ways to Be More Productive by Organizing Your Workspace

If you struggle to sit down and instantly start getting things done instead of looking at your email and stats for an hour, you’re like me.
ways to be more productive organizing your workspace
There seems to be some sort of avoidance loop that I go through every time I sit down to try and do my work for the day. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this, and a lot of time trying to overcome my natural tendency to procrastinate.

I could probably write a few hundred pages about all of the different things I’ve read about time management, but today I want focus on one simple thing that I think will help you out…

How to Set Up Your Workspace

For some reason, taking a conscience effort to make my workspace more “productivity friendly” made a huge difference overnight in my ability to sit down and be productive.

Here are five things I recommend you try:

I used to listen to techno/trance music when I would work at my computer and I thought it was really helping me be productive by getting me amped up and feeling awake. Finally, I realized that I was spending a lot more time dancing than actually getting things done. In the last few months, what I’ve really gotten into is zen-type music. My favorite artist for this stuff is Karunesh. Look up some of his stuff. If that’s not your thing, find something that soothes you and helps you actually get work done. For some people, this might be no music at all.

This might sound weird to some of you, but I love smells. I keep several bottle of essential oils at my desk, and I take several 10 second long breaks every hour to just take a deep breath of eucalyptus or spearmint. I love it, it keeps my mind clear, and it rejuvenates me.

Keeping My Desktop Clean
I am talking about my real desktop. When I have nothing on my desk but my monitors, and I keep it dusted, I’m almost excited to sit down and work for some reason. I think most people feel this way. Try cleaning off your desk and you’ll feel the difference.

Eye Drops
If you spend as much time as you should working at your computer, your eyes no doubt get red and tired. I have found that putting in a few drops of regular eye lubricant every two hours or so really helps with eye fatigue.

“Daylight” Light Bulbs
This is something I read about somewhere online by chance, and it has helped a lot. I think most people just buy regular light bulbs, which give off that dull, yellow light. I’m not a light waves expert, but I can tell you that after switching to “natural daylight” bulbs, it’s a lot easier to sit in my office and work for hours on end.

What are your favorite ways to stay productive? Leave a comment below…

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  • Rick

    Reply Reply February 26, 2011

    I’m on day 2 of your boot camp and i gotta say… dude, i really love it. Your straight forward, to-the-point way of stating all your content is very attractive.
    I dig the “smells” thing… little weird but I can sooo see myself doing the same thing!
    What kind of work do you do online? Feel free to e-mail
    Rick Jackson

    • Nate

      Reply Reply February 26, 2011


      Glad you like the training. As far as work I do online… writing blog posts and articles everyday for my sites, with some basic design work here and there. I get good results from article marketing, and what I lay out in the training is exactly how I do it. I don’t outsource any of my article writing because I’m pretty sure that the results I’m getting from writing quality articles are better than most people get from spun or outsourced articles.

  • Rick

    Reply Reply February 26, 2011

    I think i would like to re-post this on my site (with your permision, and your links below the post. Let me know.
    Rick Jackson

    • Nate

      Reply Reply February 26, 2011

      Yeah absolutely.

  • Wendy

    Reply Reply February 27, 2011

    Hi Nate.. I’ve also just recently just subscribed with you. For some reason, I never got Day 4 (checked spam folder and everything)…could you send me a link?

    I am focused now, and using all my efforts on my one site, and hopefully soon, one list.

    Some very interesting ideas in this post of yours…need to get some of my essential oils out. 🙂

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