You Need Something to Sell, ASAP

What’s the best online business model:

Adsense sites?


Affiliate marketing?

Info products?

Kindle books?

The answer is it doesn’t really matter. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately… The first thing almost everyone does when they are starting an online business is they setup a website – whether you call it a blog or a static site, same thing – and they intend to create a lot of content and rely on search engine traffic and Adsense and/or affiliate links until the site starts “making some money”.

That can work, and I’ve started sites that way, but the more experienced I’ve become it’s become clear that you are far better off to create something to sell upfront, and then create content and marketing around that.

This can be a Kindle ebook or your own information product.

In fact, if you haven’t done any of this I would definitely start with a Kindle ebook. Even a simple Kindle ebook at $2.99 gives you something that’s yours to sell. It instantly adds credibility to you and your site. Not to mention instantly tapping into the huge buyer pool of

Of course, just putting a Kindle book up for sale won’t get you a flood of book sales… but that’s where your website and content comes in.

Just recently my little brother asked me what he should do to try and earn some extra money online. I told him to write a Kindle book.

“About what?” he asked.

I thought for a minute about something unique that he had personal experience on, and it was “bowhunting for teenagers”. Not how to hunt teenagers with a bow, but how to bowhunt if you’re a teenager. My brother killed multiple big game animals with a bow when he was a teenager, so it would be effortless for him to sit down and hammer out 30-40 pages about it.

Everyone, including you, has something unique you could write a short little ebook about. That’s all you have to start with. Figure out how to generate sales and from there you could move on to a full info product. Or you could keep releasing Kindle books related to the first one. There’s a lot of models to choose from but you have to get started.

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